Saturday, December 3, 2016

Download Cute Whatsapp Wallpaper

WhatsApp Wallpaper is a small application with which you will be able to customize the appearance of your WhatsApp much. Is an of the best applications to customize WhatsApp to your taste and to your way.

WhatsApp Wallpaper includes a collection of wallpapers, which you can find funds in the form of polka dots, stones, wall hangings, etc. Just have to download this application and select from your WhatsApp is the background that you like most. Them can change many times as want and, also, of a way very simple, since them options of this application are of it more simple and anyone can establish which more prefer.

Now you can enjoy the best wallpapers for your application, which will allow you, besides being in contact with your friends, have a design that best suits your tastes and your mobile phone. Download without fail this small application with which you will have the best for your WhatsApp. Not takes space and you won't have problems to be latent in your mobile when you want it to use.

Undoubtedly one of the instant messaging applications most used in the world without a doubt is Whatsapp, which is used by many users all over the world, who talk with their friends, family and it is an app that is also very functional on any type of business that you want to perform, the best thing of all is that it is very easy to use.

Its interface is basically very good, but users who use it on a daily basis tend to that colors and menus bored them to the maximum, since the monotony is something tired everybody. If you're of that passes much time facing his mobile Android with the application of Whatsapp know that usually tire you of see the same of screen in all your chats.

So an excellent option to customize it with Whatsapp Wallpapers, to give a different tone than each of the conversations you have with any of your contacts, so today we will learn a little more about how to use several of the applications that are available on Google Play and make them the most out.

Whatsapp Wallpaper

One of the applications to accomplish the task of placing new wallpapers in your instant messaging application is which is called Whatsapp Wallpaper, which is very easy to download Google Play shop, also has a weight of 8.4 MB and is only required to have a version of Android 2.2 or higher.

How put them?

After you have installed the application on your phone, the process to place them is quite simple, since you will only have to enter Whatsapp app on your mobile and once inside select one of the contacts that you talk frequently, after that in the top right you'll see a button with 3 dots which deb

It is precisely here where a series of tools that serve to the privacy, contacts lock settings, mute, send files, among others, will be displayed on the screen of your smartphone, but in this case it will serve us which bears the name "Background", which has the ability to change the hue that is behind each of the chats , this to the monotony not is seize and stop of use the same.

Menu of Whatsapp

So is there in where again is displayed in the screen several options, but which US interest in this time is it of Gallery of funds, in where can observe all them funds that it application that downloaded of the Google Play offers for you.

Types of funds

Search that suits you or to match your personality , so you should click on it and place it, once this simple process you will already see the Fund in all chats conversations you have on your Whatsapp.

Whatsapp Wallpaper wallpapers

Other funds of Whatsapp

If you are from users who prefer something more personalized and have any meaning probably has not called you enough attention Wallpapers Whatsapp app and need to know for example how you can place your favorite picture in all the talks that you make.

Application of funds

The process is the same as the previous one, you must only select the option of Gallery, where your terminal will direct you to the root folder, in where are the pictures of the reel, choose which you like most at that moment and press into the back of all your Whatsapp chats.

By the contrary, if already are boring of your own photographs or of them funds of them applications external to the app of Messaging Instant, it best will be place him a background solid, i.e. of some color striking that not you bored when use the same.